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Hey everyone! I'm planning on building a personal project - this will be my first full-stack project and will be a web app.

The way it will work is that users will be able to post groups. This can be, groups for studying or groups for work, etc. They can also set the desired group size (e.g. limit the group to 3 members). Other users can then join said group - once the group is full, it will automatically close.

What tech stack would you all recommend for this? I have a lot of experience with Django so maybe that will be good for the backend but I'm not sure where to go from there. I've heard using the Django REST framework with a React frontend might be good. Always open to learning new technologies and thanks in advance!

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Actually there are a lot of people that doesn't know that django and react is a good match when using the django rest framework, django is a python framework so that will make it very easy to use when building api endpoints, I recommend that you learn the django rest framework + JWT authentication system and the react routers v6 and protect routes, Hooks and how to fetch some data from api endpoints using the fetch function or axios.

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I recently built a web app for college students to interact and trade books. I had built in a similar feature where students could create clubs (groups) and become a member and post content on the club's pages. Used Flask MVC throughout. But you also need to consider your data store and how you would model the data. I went with MySQL. The thing about Flask is that - 1. It's Python-based 2. It's a micro framework and perfect/easy for building MVC apps and also REST APIs to pair with React. 3. It is also modular, so you get to choose what libs/components you want to add on top of it.

GitHub - boffti/banter: Fun social media app for students in schools to exchange relevant information. Primarily a platform for students to buy and sell their items like books […] (github.com)
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