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Beat tech sprawl and make data-driven technology decisions
Tech Stack Intelligence provides real-time visibility into all the developer tools, services, and packages you're using internally, down to the version level, across all your Git repos.
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Our platform gives companies real-time visibility into all the tech stacks in use across their engineering teams. StackShare Enterprise helps CTOs and other technical leaders make smarter decisions and improve governance

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Over 1,000 companies use Tech Stack Intelligence today
I use StackShare a lot. I check in regularly to monitor our outstanding tech debt across the company, and alerts on Slack keep me updated on stack changes. We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars so far by moving people to a standard set of technologies, with the potential to eventually save millions.

Jeff Green, CTO, Tyler Technologies

Shrink Tech Debt

StackShare Enterprise helps engineering orgs

Improve governance

Use a dynamic tech radar to set up guard rails

Ship faster

Reduce tech sprawl and speed up dev cycles

Shrink tech debt

Get visibility into versions and overlapping tech

Reduce risk

Consolidate versions/tools to reduce attack surface area

StackShare delivers tech stack insights to over one million developers

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Why teams use StackShare Enterprise

Gain a fully automated 360° view of your technology footprint

Real-time visibility and transparency gives you insight into who’s running what technologies, so you can improve collaboration and stay up to date on changes.

We have hundreds of different modules floating around in random GitHub repositories that nobody knows anything about. So StackShare for me, personally, makes it much easier to choose which module I like by looking up what I’m using now and doing a cross-comparison to see what other options are available.

Principal Software Engineer, Fortune 500 Company

Standardize technology usage across your organization

Tech radar capabilities enable you to create an approved set of tech stacks for different scenarios that everyone knows how to access and use.

StackShare helps us keep track of our technology decisions — which ones we want to adopt or retire or deprecate — and communicate the status to everyone, so people know what they should or shouldn’t use in their applications.

Chris Cummings, Senior Director of Architecture, Tyler Technologies

Consolidate your tech stacks and rein in tech sprawl

Reducing the number of competing technologies and vendors lowers your risk and costs, and helps you to pay down tech debt.

One of my big goals for using StackShare is to get a view of where we’re at and then use that to communicate why it’s important for us to be upgrading. So it’s partly a security story, partly a let’s tackle tech debt story. It also helps us have some standards and consolidation around things that most of the org knows.

Chief Architect, Series E Startup

Save time and increase development team speed

Reusable and standardized components eliminates duplication of effort and allows your teams to focus on development, not infrastructure.

StackShare has saved us hundreds of hours compiling, maintaining, and updating information on our stacks. We can now track it all in real time.

Chris Cummings, Senior Director of Architecture, Tyler Technologies


Your stack intelligence workflow

Install and get up and running in less than 5 minutes

1. Connect all your Git repos in a few clicks.

2. Configure approved technologies, applications, add team members.

3. Explore automatically generated stack profiles and data for every Git repo.

4. Auto-update your stack profiles with every commit to a default branch.

5. Track tech stack changes in real time via email or Slack & MS Teams.


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