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Pedro Arnal Puente
Pedro Arnal Puente
CTO at La Cupula Music SL · | 8 upvotes · 5.4K views
atLa Cupula Music SLLa Cupula Music SL
jQuery UI

We are phasing out jQuery and jQuery UI in favour or Vue.js and @Vue-cli so we can support building a modern, well-architectured frontend.

The JavaScript build pipeline is supported by Webpack , and includes tools like ESLint and Babel , so we can properly support the latest ES/JS versions, with ES6 as the minimum baseline.

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I find using Vue.js to be easier (more concise / less boilerplate) and more intuitive than writing React. However, there are a lot more readily available React components that I can just plug into my projects. I'm debating whether to use Vue.js or React for an upcoming project that I'm going to use to help teach a friend how to build an interactive frontend. Which would you recommend I use?

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Aviad Mor
Aviad Mor
CTO & Co-Founder at Lumigo · | 5 upvotes · 6K views
AWS Lambda

Our backend is serverless based, with many AWS Lambda , with CI/CD, using CircleCI and Serverless. This allows to develop with awesome agility and move fast. Since we update our lambdas daily, we needed a way to make sure we did not run into AWS's max limit of versions per lambda. We use the open source in link below to clear them out and stay clear of the limit.

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Joel Lord
Joel Lord
Technical Evangelist at Auth0 · | 6 upvotes · 10K views

On, we needed a way to find geographic coordinates for various cities around the world. Algolia Places made it very easy to us to implement this is.

Their tool comes available for a number of JavaScript frameworks. In my case, I used the React component and it easily implemented an autofill text box that would search for all the cities around the world and return me the latitude and longitude for them.

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Pierre Chapuis
Pierre Chapuis
at Pierre Chapuis · | 6 upvotes · 9.3K views
Angular 2

We chose Angular 2+ because our product has a rather complex back-office, most of which is visible only to our employees and contractors.

The "full featured" approach of Angular as well as the way it deals with the data model suited this business case well. We also use the Reactive Forms module a lot, as well as Clarity (an Open Source design system by VMWare) for the internal parts of the product. We also intend to use Angular's offline features.

For user-facing parts of the product we are now considering implementing views as Web Components with Stencil. We use Sass (SCSS syntax) for styling and TSLint to enforce a style guide close to Angular's default.

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