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Easily map out which open source & SaaS solutions are being used across your engineering teams, why they’re being used, and who someone should talk to about each technology.

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Private StackShare for Teams

Private StackShare for Teams is the private version of StackShare. It helps you easily understand what open source & SaaS you’re using inside your company across engineering teams, why you’re using it, and who someone should talk to about it.

Private StackShare is now available for free on the GitHub Marketplace

Automatically map out all your tech stacks with the click of a button

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    1. Connect your
    GitHub or Azure Org

  • 2. We automatically create
    tech stack profiles for every
    Git repo

  • 3. Commits to the default branch
    auto-update stack profiles

See all the tools you’re using and who’s using them in one dashboard

  • Once you connect your Git repos, the dashboard automatically updates based on stack changes

  • See all the different versions of popular open source tools you’re using across repos/stacks

  • See all your stacks, team members, and teams in one view with detailed reports

  • Alerts are triggered any time a tech stack change is merged into the default branch of a connected repo

Get alerts anytime your tech stacks change

  • Get notified anytime a tool in your connected repos is added, removed, or if a version changes

  • Get alerts for over 15,000 tools and technologies, including open source packages from npm, NuGet, RubyGems, PyPI, and Go

  • Get immediate, daily, or weekly alerts

Share tech stack decisions with other developers

  • Create Stack Decisions to explain why certain tools were chosen

  • Stack Decisions can be visible to only your company so your teammates can learn about that technology in the context of your company

  • Browse all the decisions being made across your company in one stream via the Private Feed

  • Upvote, comment, or share Stack Decisions from your teammates

Collaborate on specific tech stack decisions

  • Ask colleagues who have used specific technologies for advice on decisions you need help with

  • Advice requests are sent out to all the developers who have the tools in their personal tech stack

  • Discussions are linked to Tool Profiles, Comparisons, and User Profiles so other teammates can reference them later

Leverage public & private data in one experience

  • Tool Profiles - show who is using that tool internally and which companies are using it publicly

  • Search across your private stacks as well as across all public stacks

  • Benchmark against top companies using the same UI, no switching necessary

  • View separate public and private Stack Decisions in your Feed

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