The stack where I spend my time (generally)

  • My front-end framework of choice. Foundation is super-simple to use for just about anything, and directs my focus always on mobile-first.

  • Lots of great things with JavaScript, I use it especially with jQuery to get some heavy-hitting animations and front-end logic done. Also great for making AJAX calls to an API or back-end.

  • I feel like this is probably pretty self-explanatory by this point.

  • My back-end language of choice (via Laravel)

  • My database of choice. Nothing like it. Except maybe other databases..

  • Team communication and other general shenanigans.

  • My cloud-based repository of choice!

  • General productivity to aid my terrible memory

  • My go-to way to write CSS, especially since it includes variables

  • Great package manager, especially when working with Laravel

  • Like every human should use Dropbox. For everything.

  • It gulps things for me. I.e., it does all the work that I'm too lazy to do.

  • My go-to PHP backend framework. It's super usable and can be deployed almost anywhere with very little headache.

  • Every single time I ever make an API. Every. Single. Time.