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I use C# because it is incredibly clear and easy to use. The documentation is second to none, being a Microsoft product, and if you just want something that works without exploring a million frameworks and libraries you can pretty much start a C# website and have it running in an hour. C# is basically, in my opinion, a cleaner and easier to use Java. My experience is limited to web design, however. It might come down to personal opinion but I wouldn't even know where to start writing a java back end website but visual studio makes it very easy to write it in C#. If you are new to full stack development I can't recommend Visual Studio enough. It does, however, hide away a lot of abstraction that programmers much more clever than me use to make really interesting websites and server setups. C# will do everything you need to create any website you can imagine, though.

Before I end my rant about how much I love this language I'd like to reiterate how easy it is to figure out problems you encounter. I was stuck on how to store a path string in a database and found the solution by browsing the documentation for 2 minutes, which included examples. Every ASP element is clearly and wonderfully documented.

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