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Hello everyone, I'm new to full stack web development and I'm trying to use Vue.js, PostgreSQL, and Node.js to make a localhost website (if that makes sense).

I've seen no tutorials on how to link the three technologies without using ExpressJS and I was wondering if it is even a good idea to use the said three technologies or whether I should just learn Express.js and watch a Youtube tutorial. Any help/advice/criticism is welcome.

Thank you.

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I do not recommend Vue for a job, learn React or Angular

Additionally Typescript for React is a wise choice. however, you can start using Javascript.

The open source web framework Express.js for Node.js enables programmers to create online apps and APIs. It offers a number of tools and functionality, including as templates, road handlers, renderers, and debugging tools, to make development simpler. The popular Express.js substitutes Koa.js, Hapi.js, Fastify, and Restify are also available.

8+ Hour Stream - 3 Giveaways - Build a Full Stack Forum with Node/Express/Postgres/Vue.js/Bootstrap

Look for tutorials on how to build a website, but don't get too caught up in the stack, it doesn't matter at your level. Just have fun, that's my suggestion. If you need some help, feel free to add me on discord


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Hi Kelechi,

It is pretty easy. You will need to create and express.js API with Nodejs and have the Postgreql in it. Then you can create your Vue Apps and connect to the express API. This will help;

I used a similar setup but I wouldn't recommend it except if you absolutely must. Use something like NuxtJs.

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Andrew Plater
Andrew Plater
March 13th 2023 at 11:50PM

If you are starting out with Vue.js and Node.js and wanting to avoid creating servers including local ones running Express.js and are willing to explore cloud services for the database, you may want to consider AWS Amplify or Google Cloud with Firebase to build out your application. While there is a learning curve in using additional technologies, the pay off is that there are tutorials, documentation and videos and there is scope for extending your application if you need to later.

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