Container management service that supports Docker containers
Companies using Amazon EC2 Container Service
How Amazon EC2 Container Service is being used
  • SocialCops

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    Amazon EC2 is our primary application hosting solution. Most applications are not exposed on the internet and use a virtually private cloud to interact with each other.

  • SBR Marketing

    We use EC2 Container Service for our new products and some production tools.

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    Hosts our containers

  • Adminout

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    We use the EC2 registry for secure private container registration. When used in combination with I AM roles we can control customer access to repos on and individual basis.

  • CloudRepo Repository Servers

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    We use the container service so that we can deploy our application services with Dockerfiles, so that we can test locally and deploy to AWS simply.

    Additionally, the ability to scale containers and have them automatically restart in case of failure is very helpful to our operations.