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What is AnyPerk?

AnyPerk is a platform that provides employee perks and discounts to companies of all sizes. We partner with hundreds of vendors to give you the best deals on the market.
AnyPerk is a tool in the Employee Perks category of a tech stack.

Who uses AnyPerk?

9 companies reportedly use AnyPerk in their tech stacks, including Pinterest, Quora, and Zenefits.

7 developers on StackShare have stated that they use AnyPerk.
Pros of AnyPerk
Some good discounts
Want to have more fun with anyperk

AnyPerk's Features

  • Unbeatable pricing- For the price of a latte a month, bring happiness and appreciation to your employees
  • Easy, automatic setup- Setup a perks platform faster than you can boil an egg
  • We're here for you- Enjoy the customer experience second to none – not even the Ritz
  • Perks for Entertainment, Travel, Fitness, Business, Shopping, Services, Telecom, Beauty, Pets

AnyPerk Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to AnyPerk?
Xoxoday Empuls
Xoxoday Empuls helps HR leaders and CXOs with workforce motivation, empowerment and collaboration. Empuls facilitates collaboration amongst employees with features such as feeds, groups and chats.
Pick and choose from hundreds of merchants with offers targeting both consumers and SMBs with the option to add your own exclusive offers. Aggregating the buying power of your members has never been this easy.

AnyPerk's Followers
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