Hi everyone! I'm going to work on my FYP soon, and I was wondering which language is the most suitable for making a mobile app? I'm considering Flutter as I have tried it before in mobile development, but I'm more familiar with Java as it was taught in university for system development.

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Hi, Well...It depends. Take this with a grain of salt as I'm not a mobile app developer. I would weigh in some factors. If I would want to go fast, maybe I would make an Android app and use the language that I know, Java or even Kotlin. It really depends on how much time do you have. Alternatives to Flutter you can find here: https://buildfire.com/programming-languages-for-mobile-app-development/. As you already went with Firebase it might be a good option to stick with Flutter as they are both Google products and their integration might work more smoothly. I would also take into account the job market in your area and your personal preference in order to raise your chances to find a good job after you graduate and use your project as actual work experience. I guess it would help to put in some specs related to what you are trying to build, as some frameworks are better suited to do one job, rather than others and hopefully get more specific answers.

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Flutter is a UI framework that uses dart. If you know Java then learning dart will not be too difficult to get going quickly. IMO the Flutter learning curve is much lower than Java android development and Swift IOS development. If the goal is to deliver something quickly without large requirements for performance or extensive native functionalities then Flutter is the way to go, however if the goal is learning then go the route that aligns with that.

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