Aquarius Logics technology stack

  • I can configure Sublime to check multiple syntaxes such as Javascript and CFML with access to the respective language library helpers.

  • Perfect place to share a subset of public repository data for free.

  • Great private repository capabilities that can be used for continuous integration in conjunction with Jira and Bamboo.

  • Reliable and affordable object storage in the AWS cloud.

  • Amazon AWS Domain Name Services. The logical choice for AWS hosted web sites.

  • The logical choice for an AWS hosted web site to optimise bandwidth at edge delivery locations.

  • jQuery is the perfect default client architecture for most UI design. However if there is a need to scale, Angular or Vue.js will be my alternative choice.

  • Using JavaScript for everything related to user interface management.

  • Very easy to use, design and deploy innoDB servers. Open migration path to Amazon Aurora RDS.

  • Actually using the CFML language in conjunction with ColdFusion JVM servers. Coldbox MVC java framework also spins up on demand, Adobe Coldfusion or Lucee open source servers.

  • To compile CSS in conjunction with Compass and Grunt

  • To test REST APIs

  • To use the CSS libraries. Also using Zurb Foundation as an alternative CSS framework.

  • To accelerate bandwidth to edge locations for non cloud hosting. On the AWS cloud, I use CloudFront instead.

  • A great alternative to React for front-end development.

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