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I'm starting to implement a new full-stack application and adopting an API-first development approach. Right now deciding which of these tools to use to build, mock and track the evolution of my just-born OpenAPI specification.

I'm already familiar with Postman when it comes to consuming ready-to-use implemented API, but not yet with its API-build features. As well as I barely know how FastAPI could help with this goal.

I would like to understand if there'd be a big difference of usage and capabilities between these tools. And any other one that could help on development, test and documentation of a REST API.

Thanks a lot for helping on this!

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I'm a little biased because I work at Postman, but I've also used RapidAPI in the past. It won't matter which OpenAPI editor you use, or even if you develop the OpenAPI spec on a third-party platform besides the ones you've mentioned. But I find the automation in Postman far easier to use, and being able to publish your API afterward to everyone makes it a lot easier to let devs find your API and use it right within Postman immediately. The auto-generated docs, the auto-generated client-side samples, and for a handful of languages we even auto-generate some server-side code too.

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