Binded's stack

  • Nginx is our edge load balancer and router.

  • Node.js is our primary language for both backend and frontend.

  • We use React for our front end at

  • We use Slack as our primary way to communicate.

  • All our services are packaged as docker containers.

  • We use Python for CBIR system related projects.

  • We use EC2 to run our Kubernetes cluster.

  • PostgreSQL is our go to database for storing primary data.

  • We use S3 to store all user uploaded files.

  • We use Elasticsearch for our CBIR system.

  • We use Mandrill to send transactional emails.

  • We use MailChimp to send newsletters and announcements to our users.

  • We use Travis CI to test our open source libraries.

  • We use AWS RDS to run our PostgreSQL databases.

  • We use Pingdom to alert us when our website is down.

  • We use Sentry to report errors from our frontend and backends.

  • We use CircleCI to do CI/CD on our services.

  • All of our infrastructure is stored as code thanks to Terraform.

  • We use ElastiCache to run Redis, which we use as a queue through Kue.

  • We use Webpack to build our React based frontend.

  • Our servers are continuously deployed with Helm on a Kubernetes cluster running in AWS.

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