Tools I use on a daily basis

  • Hands down the best Python web framework I've used. Very easy to extend and add apps and go from 0 to full project quickly and painlessly. I built a fully authenticated project with a single endpoint in less than 30 minutes.

  • Really great framework for building RESTful APIs. Lots of plugins for it!

  • Super easy to develop high-quality prototypes without much overhead.

  • Great for sanity checking on difficult problems and helping new programmers learn the ropes!

  • Best source control there is. Mercurial is good too, but I also prefer GIT commands. Gitflow ftw.

  • Used it at almost every job I've had.

  • Best version of HTML so far!

  • Great for handling list-based tasks (similar to a Kanban board).

  • Best GIT repository management software that allows free closed-source projects. Also works seamlessly with other Atlassian products.

  • Use it daily for issue / task tracking for team members and projects.

  • Use it daily for document and code editing.

  • Great package manager.

  • Mostly use it for NPM.

  • Good for DOM manipulation.

  • Easy, free, good for all open-source projects. Nice interface.

  • Super easy to use and configure for web hosting.

  • Use it daily for everything. Hands-down best language I've used so far.

  • Use it when I need to create a quick front-end landing page.

  • Use it on a daily basis to store important documents on the cloud.

  • Use it on a daily basis to make HTTP requests and test application endpoints.

  • Use it on a daily basis to create beautifully formatted documents / pdfs.

  • Because I have to... easy to do quick conference calls and screen-sharing.

  • My current go-to Linux distro, although Mint and Raspbian are also used.

  • Daily use for location-based services

  • Not by choice... (used it to build my master's portfolio and at various jobs)

  • Design Mockups

  • Project Documentation

  • Project Task Management

  • Creating charting components.

  • Storing and sharing files easily, as well as online collaboration.

  • Robust database

  • Team communications