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I had to design a group of services for environmental analysis, with a lot of I/O. After initially trying Golang, we realized that it was too verbose and became more and more difficult to maintain because the language was too low-level. We wanted something more productive, while keeping the memory footprint low and the performance high. Scala Native is a perfect match for this job!

Why? Scala Native is more productive than Go and Rust. It provides a great type system with high-level constructs, so that you can focus on your business logic and not on the technical details. No borrow checker means that it's much more easy to use. And thanks to its Interflow optimizer and Commix/Immix garbage collectors, it delivers impressive performance and uses very little memory. Also, the last version of the language, Scala 3, is surprisingly readable!

To sum up, Scala Native is:

  • more productive than Go, because it provides high-level tools and makes you do more with less characters
  • safe like Rust thanks to its great type system
  • easier to use than Rust, because there's no borrow checker
  • very fast and lightweight
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