Bespoke software developer. We help businesses to grow by building elegant technical solutions to non-trivial problems.

  • Company emails, sites for wiki and customer help guides.

  • Collaborative writing.

  • Provided to our clients to help them gather email lists and send great emails.

  • Automated testing and deployment of our projects.

  • Used by our clients to track what their users are doing, and for proactive support.

  • Used collaborative management of simple tasks / projects.

  • For it's knowledge base.

  • For supporting our customers.

  • For making sure everything is up, and telling us when it's not. We tested a few services and pingdom is still the quickest to recognise downtime.

  • Tells us where our time is going. We use it to track what we're doing all the time.

  • The usual. Good for communicating with clients and suppliers.

  • Team communications and notices, such as when a test suite has run, when commits have been made to one of our git repos.

  • Exception logging and notifications.

  • The best PHP editor available. We really don't know how we managed to do anything before using this fantastic tool.

  • For building cross-platform mobile apps.

  • Testing designs, checking for regressions.

  • Host the majority of our websites. Great pricing, and a great tech model.

  • Great for performance and security. Now offering free SSL for modern browsers, how could we not love CF?

  • Sending transactional emails, such as reminders, contact form notifications, confirmations …etc.

  • For managing the critical parts of our DNS infrastructure.

  • For those sites that have crazy mad spikes in traffic.

  • For storing every ephemeral asset.

  • For hosting and scaling our infrastructure based on demand.

  • Server majority of our web traffic.

  • We pick out the parts in Bootstrap that we need using SASS and some other tools, enabling us to customise the HTML markup we use, and keep our stylesheets skinny.

  • Dipping our toes in… currently using it to add enhanced functionality to specific UI components.

  • Runs our development environment, not yet our production environment.

  • The best PHP framework right now, intuitive and growing up quickly.

    We use Laravel in the outer layer of our Clean Architecture codebases, whereby the domain model does not rely on the framework as a whole.

  • For hostingour private git repos.

  • For hosting our public git repos and helping us contribute to open source projects.

  • To manage all of the code under our control.

    Fork > Clone > PR > Commit > Merge… beautiful.

  • For smaller internal tools we build that requires easy local storage.

  • We use Markdown primarily for documentation and other forms of writing.

  • For staying on top of any long running business processes we have, e.g. leads, hiring.

  • We use Incapsula for DDoS protection and traffic scrubbing.

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