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How C is being used
  • arcapos

    #<User:0x000000003a6c9938> arcapos

    The core of the arcapos applications is written in C, so are most of the Lua modules (bindings to various hardware or protocols).

  • Gamepencil icon 300dpi

    #<User:0x000000003a69a8b8> Game Pencil Engine

    The Game Pencil Engine Editor is coded in C/C++.

  • Vaultize

    #<User:0x000000003a65d9b8> Vaultize

    Used in backend and clients for performance heavy tasks.

  • Agents

    #<User:0x000000003a629988> Agents

    The Sqreen PHP agent is both a PHP extension, built in C, and a daemon built in Python.

  • Logo app 2

    #<User:0x000000003a60aa10> POROWNEO.PL

    Axis2/c, rampart/c, savan/c, barbershop and custom php extensions.