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A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa
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What is Carthage?

It exclusively uses dynamic frameworks instead of static libraries. It's a ruthlessly simple dependency manager for macOS and iOS, created by a group of developers from Github.
Carthage is a tool in the Dependency Management category of a tech stack.
Carthage is an open source tool with 14.9K GitHub stars and 1.6K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Carthage's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Carthage?

23 companies reportedly use Carthage in their tech stacks, including Glovo, Zendesk, and Biting Bit.

28 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Carthage.

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What are some alternatives to Carthage?
It supports almost every way you would want to get source code, git, svn, bzr, http and hg. You can use your own private code repository to manage your own dependencies. It only requires a git repo, no server necessary.
Salt is a new approach to infrastructure management. Easy enough to get running in minutes, scalable enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, and fast enough to communicate with them in seconds. Salt delivers a dynamic communication bus for infrastructures that can be used for orchestration, remote execution, configuration management and much more.
It is an experimental JavaScript toolchain. It includes a compiler, linter, formatter, bundler, testing framework and more. It aims to be a comprehensive tool for anything related to the processing of JavaScript source code.
Cloud and On Premises Performance Monitoring, Alerting, and Anomaly Detection with Log Correlation, Events, and Custom Metrics.
It provides a consistent environment for Ruby projects by tracking and installing the exact gems and versions that are needed. It is an exit from dependency hell, and ensures that the gems you need are present in development, staging, and production.
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