Work with people from all over the world to create proposals for how to reach global climate change goals.

  • We use SendGrid as SMTP server for our outgoing emails.

  • GitHub hosts our git repository!

  • We use httpd in front of our Tomcat web server. Apache terminates the TLS connections and forwards to the embedded Tomcat server(s) for request processing. We also use it as load balancer for multi-server deployments.

  • We use MySQL (or MariaDB) as our main database.

  • Sass helps us write better stylesheets. One major improvement over CSS that we use a lot is variables - it allows for much easier theming to quickly change brand colors for new instances of the xCoLab.

  • Pingdom continuously monitors our servers and alerts us if there is a downtime so we can react quickly.

  • On our servers, we use MariaDB as alternative to MySQL.

  • We use Tomcat as embedded servlet container through Spring Boot.

  • We use Let's Encrypt to easily set up TLS certificates on our servers - for free and completely automated.

  • We use Travis CI to run our tests on each build and to build binaries used for deployments.

  • Our application is built in the Spring eco-system. See Spring-Boot for more info.

  • Spring-Boot allows us to create stand-alone web servers and helps us configure many of our dependencies with sane default, while maintaining flexibility where we need it.

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