Codeship is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloud.
Companies using Codeship
How Codeship is being used
  • RentChek

    #<User:0x00007f103cbcb0a8> RentChek

    Runs a full test suite whenever we push changes to master and if everything is good, automatically deploys our changes to production.

  • BrightMachine

    #<User:0x00007f10331314c0> BrightMachine

    Automated testing and deployment of our projects.

  • Grubster

    #<User:0x00007f1033248cf0> Grubster

    A QA tool that runs the platform's automated tests

  • In Situ Training

    #<User:0x00007f103bb1d260> In Situ Training

    Continuous Integration