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Letter to Yourself

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Send a physical to your future self

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Peter Ullrich

Founder & Developer at Letter to Yourself

I wanted to use my corona-caused free time to create Letter to Yourself with which people can send physical letters to their own, or others, future selves. We all too often forget our experiences, feelings, and learnings from the past. Letter to Yourself should help people to write these down and to send them to their future selves as a reminder from the past. I wanted to create Letter to Yourself quickly in my off time, so I chose my usual stack of Elixir and Phoenix LiveView. I tested many CSS frameworks before, but none gave me the flexibility to create my design, but at the same time, offered me all the utility classes to quickly style my website. Until now, I heard only good things about TailwindCSS, which is why I decided to test it in this project.

Elixir is a marvelous language, which lets you write applications in very little time and with very little code. For me, it rivals Ruby (on Rails) in productivity and readability, but, unlike Ruby, it comes with scaling potential included. I can quickly create my MVP and don't have to worry about whether my service serves ten customers or a million.

Letter to Yourself was supposed to be a web application. Therefore I chose the Phoenix Framework and its groundbreaking extension, Phoenix LiveView, to quickly set up the website and to add reactivity to it all without a SPA framework. I used the Phoenix LiveView in many projects before. It convincingly covered 99% of my frontend needs so far, all without having to write a single line of JavaScript.

TailwindCSS was new to me, but its extensive documentation and one-class-does-one-thing approach helped me to pick it up quickly and to create a decent design within only one day. TailwindCSS offers an easy start but doesn't disappoint once you dive deeper into its functionality. I was very convinced by it and will use it in future projects as well.

Using these technologies, I was able to set up Letter to Yourself in only three days of work! In almost no time, I was ready to evaluate my business idea (which was thankfully very well received!). Thus, once more, I was given reason to believe in the advantage of Elixir and the Phoenix Framework.

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