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Thibaut Davoult

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Gonna talk about the #business side a bit by chiming in on our decision for a #billing software with Livestorm. Like many (all? :p) SaaS softwares out there, we're accepting most payments as a subscription via Stripe & credit card. While implementing it in 2016 and accepting our first payments, we soon realized that some customers needed other ways of payments and some had specific needs when it comes to invoices. We also needed ways to create coupons, offer refunds, find delinquent payments etc. Finally, we also wanted an easy way to measure our business metrics (number of customers, MRR, churn etc), even if there are other dedicated solutions for it. So that's how we ended up choosing Chargebee. Chargebee helps us be more flexible and quick to react to customers' needs. Everything can be done by our CS people without any dev time. We're in the process of updating our billing system, and although it's a big project, Chargebee's doc makes it as painless as possible.

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