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NewAlexandria is a real underdog. Setting up cron and monitoring 'pipes' is completely painless, which actually encourages you to configure more of them. This is a virtuous cycle of improving the system quality, and enabling a few people to keep a handle on many things. Before locking yourself into a cloud-specific product, look at Neptune and experiment on a trial.

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We chose Kustomer because of the excellent engine and API at the core of the product. Kustomer has built a truly dynamic rules engine (and language) for automating service and response patterns, identifying trends, and improving engagement. This enabled a much smaller team to help a larger audience than normal.

Configuring the rules engine does take someone with an engineering mindset. It really is a programming language — like regex for Customer Service workflows. The upshot is that the Kustomer team loves you when you use it yourself, and provide top-notch support for those that do. I got into a great relationship with the crew there.

I would avoid using any other CS SaaS, having now used Kustomer.

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We use Lattice because it has great integrations with Slack and other tools that we use daily. Moreover, Lattice has the solid visualization and charting method. The biggest win is the check-in system. Lattice has had the smoothest of all the check-in systems that we found. Even moreso than Betterworks

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Banner auction controls via direct integration with our in-house admin and the DFP Ad Management API. Google Doubleclick for Publishers let us control yield management for parameters that were outside the scope of our datawarehouse

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