For the backend #Backend We're using Go {json:api}, and Firebase for auth deployed in Google App Engine. Ember.js for the #frontend we have severals apps so we splitted logically with ember engines... using a monorepo to hold the whole frontend project. Using services like Algolia for super performant and complex ecommerce searching experience and Intercom chat

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Ember.js Algolia Go Google App Engine Firebase MySQL

The new ember.js with SSR using fastboot+prember, without jquery and with npm easy installs via de ember-auto-import addon, angle bracket components in handlebars and ES6 classes is just a breeze to develop, we wanted to try golang for this particular project and it's ok, but I wouldn't recommend it for fast CRUDs, we might change to Elixir Phoenix for the next project, although algolia is super good there are no shortcuts for ember, we had to build them from scratch, but it works super good, we use firebase for our auth with facebook, google, phone, etc...

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Firebase Go Ember.js React Native React GraphQL SendGrid MySQL

Emberjs for our admins panels using ember-apollo and react native using apollo too for our apps, using golang graphql, services like SendGrid to send all the emails, Conekta to for accepting credit cards, firebase for our auth with facebook, google, phone, etc...

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Ember.js PHP MySQL Propel Slim Intercom

Mostly CRUD app, using propel orm, jsonapi serializers and ember.js frontend, this app was in ember 2.16 and we recently upgraded without any issue to 3.15, propel is super good as ORM, slim is a thin framework basically for routing and middleware

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