Royal Legal Solutions

We produce legal documents. Lots of them. We've tried a variety of different tools to manage this, but Google Drive ultimately won out.

Now we're moving into document automation and Google Scripts has played a key role in helping us tie all of the different pieces together and streamline our systems.

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We've been able to develop great reports in QuickBooks, HubSpot, and other software. The problem is it's always a very limited view of the company, and we have hundreds of dashboards and reports scattered across dozens of different types of software.

We use Tableau to grab data through APIs and tie it altogether in a more intuitive and useful way.

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We have tried hundreds of different software and use dozens of software on a daily basis. Trying to keep up can be challenging. Confluence gives us a central location to store and organize all of the information being generated across the company.

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We've tried a ton of different ways to manage projects. Initially, JIRA required too much configuration work to really be useful, but with the launch of their next gen projects and as we've developed our systems skills, it's now a stable of our day-to-day management.

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