Decision at Samosprava about Java, Visual Studio Code, JavaScript, TypeScript

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I use TypeScript because it is strongly typed superset of JavaScript that provides many benefits. Integration with #IDE like Visual Studio Code is excellent. The main benefit is maintainability. Many error can be caught before code running. Also Angular recommends TypeScript as better alternative to JavaScript . Syntax is very easy to learn especially for people from the Java world.

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Decision at Samosprava about GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket

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Bitbucket provides 5 private repositories for free that is I believe the best feature. GitLab seems very simmilar to GitHub. The only reason I've choosen GitHub is its popularity. It seems faster than GitLab, uglier than Bitbucket and featured as others. The best open source projects are hosted on GitHub. Many applications are integrated with GitHub like my favourite #GitKraken.

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Decision at Samosprava about Gradle, Apache Maven

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We use Apache Maven because it is a standard. Gradle is very good alternative, but Gradle doesn't provide any advantage for our project. Gradle is slower (without running daemon), need more resources and a learning curve is quite big. Our project can not use a great flexibility of Gradle. On the other hand, Maven is well-know tool integrated in many IDEs, Dockers and so on.

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Decision at Samosprava about Markdown, Docker, JSON, TypeScript, Atom, Visual Studio Code, Angular 2, Sass, HTML, Java, Typescript

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More than year ago I was looking for the best editor of Angular 2 application and I've tried Visual Studio Code and Atom. Atom had performance issues that put me off completely to use it again. Visual Studio Code became my main editor #Typescript files (and partly editor of #Java files). I'm happy with Visual Studio Code and I've never look back on Atom. There wasn't any reason to try Atom again, because Visual Studio Code fulfills my requirements very well. I use it for editing of TypeScript, #HTML, #Sass, JSON, Docker and Markdown.

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Decision at Samosprava about CircleCI, Buddy

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I started my continuous intagration with Buddy. This is very good tool to start with. Easy configuration, many options and integrations, everything configurable via web page interface. My build proccess was configured in few minutes. Then I tried CircleCI and I like it. After you read documentation, it is easy to configure. Builds are faster. I can store/share artifacts, test result. Build wolkflow description is stored in repository. Now I prefer to use CircleCI

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Decision at Samosprava about Sublime Merge, SourceTree, GitKraken, Glo

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GitKraken is the best git client so far. The user interface is very friendly. Everything is easy to do with this tool. A branch tree vizualization is very clear. I've tried SourceTree and I got lost in such many panels. Also performance of SourceTree is not as goot as GitKraken. I like Sublime Merge but it doesn't have so many features as the other tools. I've choosen GitKraken and as bonus I got GitKraken Glo that is the next perfect tool.

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Decision at Samosprava about Codacy, codebeat, SonarQube

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It is very important to have clean code. To be sure that the code quality is not really bad I use a few tools. I love SonarQube with many relevant hints and deep analysis of code. codebeat isn't so detailed, but it can find complexity issues and duplications. Codacy cannot find more bugs then your IDE. The winner for me is SonarQube that shows me really relevant bugs in my code.

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Decision at Samosprava about IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code, WakaTime

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I use WakaTime because it provides interesting information about my coding time. I have plugin for Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDEA (my favourite IDEs). Wakatime uses fancy graphs to vizualize time spending on project. With Wakatime I can improve my productivity by focusing on right project.

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Decision at Samosprava about Docker, OpenShift, Heroku

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Heroku vs OpenShift. I've never decided which one is better. Heroku is easier to configure. Openshift provide a better machine for free. Heroku has many addons for free. I've chosen Heroku because of easy initial set-up. I had deployment based on git push. I also tried direct deployment of jar file. Currently Heroku runs my Docker image. Heroku has very good documentation like for beginners. So if you want to start with something, let's follow Heroku. On the other hand OpenShift seems like a PRO tool supported by @RedHat.

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Decision at Samosprava about Sumo Logic, Papertrail,, LogDNA, Logentries, Heroku

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Logentries, LogDNA,, Papertrail and Sumo Logic provide free pricing plan for #Heroku application. You can add these applications as add-ons very easily.

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