All Coolfront Technologies Tools

  • Used as the primary language for Coolfront Mobile and all it's ecosystem. Also used for other web-centric products.

  • One of the two primary code repositories used. The other is Bitbucket.

  • Used by marketing team to track "page views", "number of users", and other data. Used by development team to monitor and track usage, browser, device, OS and other information and metrics.

  • Used for code management and Heroku deployments for all of our products.

  • Used as part of the core technology for Coolfront Mobile and all the accompanying ancillary systems.

  • Used as part of the core technology for all of our products.

  • Used in developer's environments to make it easier to manage multiple dependent technologies. (e.g. Kafka, Flink and Postgres, Redis, etc...).

  • Used within code-base for Coolfront Mobile.

  • Used by entire Company as the main productivity suite.

  • Used within Coofront Mobile for Flat rate repair search engine and the Coolfront "feed" within Coolfront Mobile.

  • Used for Flink and Kafka development. Also used for the development of Selenium tests.

  • Used to manage the various node modules within our Coolfront Mobile stack.

  • Master database used for Coolfont Mobile. Also used for ancillary systems in support of Coolfront Mobile such as: Magic Box, Change log server, Parts ordering system, etc...

  • Used to create, manage and deploy Company Website.

  • Houses virtual machine for change log server and Kafka/Flink Quality Assurance system. Both of these are pieces of the overall Coolfront Mobile ecosystem.

  • Used in Coolfront Mobile for job management and queuing.

  • Used by Company for sharing and creating Business documents, slides, sheets, etc...

  • A development tool used working with internal and external API's.

  • Primarily used to store and host Flat rate database files that get downloaded to users devices for Coolfront Mobile.

  • One of the two source code-repositories used. The other is GitHub.

  • Operating system used to develop products and also used on Heroku platform.

  • Used by some developers for development of Javascript files, etc...

  • Used for Coolfront Mobile testing.

  • Language used in Coolfront Agreements and Coolfront Books as well as a small portion of Coolfront Mobile (i.e. for the Quickbooks desktop sync).

  • Used by some of the developers as IDE.

  • A resource used by Developers for research, posing questions, etc...

  • Language selectively used in Coolfront Mobile.

  • Used in Coolfront Mobile React components and "Charlie" (Coolfront Mobile Flatrate repair search engine).

  • Language and Framework used for Coolfront Books and Coolfront Agreements.

  • Used in Coolfront Books as search service.

  • Cloud-based environment used for hosting Coolfront Mobile and Coolfront books and most internal testing environments.

  • Monitoring and metrics for Coolfront Mobile.

  • Coolfront Mobile has an integration written against Dropbox that allows contractors to attach files to Coolfront Mobile work orders.

  • Used by developers to manage different operating system environments.

  • Language used for Flat rate data conversion tool.

  • Used for development of Java based applications and projects. e.g. Flink and Kafka.

  • Used selectively for Coolfront Mobile code-base.

  • Editor/Complier used for Flat-Rate data Conversion tool.

  • Email service used within Coolfront Mobile to send emails and track emails to contractors and their customers (e.g. home-owners).

  • Using a portion of ExpressJS in Coolfront Mobile (early code-base) and modeled some of the newer code-base after ExpressJS.

  • Used to transpile Coolfront Mobile Javascript code so that it can be used client-side.

  • Used in developer's environments to make it easier to manage multiple dependent technologies. (e.g. Kafka, Flink and Postgres, Redis, etc...)

  • Used to gather metrics in Coolfront Mobile for "Charlie" (Flat rate search engine) search behaviors (e.g. How end users are searching and finding repairs). Results from data are then used to "train" search engine to become "smarter".

  • Used occasionally for testing purposes in Coolfront Mobile.

  • Developer's use for editing and developing Javascript projects.

  • Used in Coolfront Mobile and "Charlie" (flat rate search engine) as packaging mechanism.

  • Used during the "build process" of Coolfront Mobile's Flat rate search engine database. Flat rate data that resides in Salesforce is transformed using SQLite into a format that is usable for our mobile Flat rate search engine (AKA: Charlie).

  • Building out real-time streaming server to present data insights to Coolfront Mobile customers and internal sales and marketing teams.

  • Code checking and normalization for Coolfront Mobile code-base.

  • Monitoring for Coolfront Mobile, Coolfront Agreements and Coolfront Books. Alerts Coolfront IT team when systems can not be reached.

  • Testing for our Coolfront Mobile product

  • Used by IT team team to track all tickets for all products. All product defects, features and development tasks are entered in Redmine, categorized, and assigned to developers. All code releases are tracked along with the corresponding tickets within this system.

  • Used to run internal reports and analytics on Coolfront Mobile data.

  • Used to monitor Coolfront Mobile environment.

  • Used in Coolfront Mobile to store logos.

  • Used as a our Live chat client for our websites and applications.

  • Backing database for Coolfront Agreements.

  • Main service used by Coolfront Mobile and Coolfront Books to capture logging information.

  • Used by Coolfront Mobile's "feed" implementation.

  • Used a logging solution for "Charlie" (Flat rate search engine) server.

  • To manage tracking code for our websites.

  • Phone system and internal communication tool "Glip".

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