HTTP + JSON document database with Map Reduce views and peer-based replication
Companies using CouchDB
How CouchDB is being used
  • Smileupps

    #<User:0x00007f81432a8458> Smileupps

    By being built on, of, in and around CouchDB, Smileupps offers to its customers secure and reliable CouchDB hosting and a CouchDB-based app store to build and sell serious business-enabled web applications

  • Giant Swarm

    #<User:0x00007f814336ba48> Giant Swarm

    We use CouchDB in an internal analysis tool for usage data.

  • Databases

    Document (JSON) DB.

    • - queries must be pre-defined as views (not as flexible as query formulation on the fly)
    • - community and ecosystem not as large as mongodb
    • + PouchDB is an excellent JS library to interact with CouchDB or even work in offline-then-sync moce