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Comparing HubSpot and Freshsales, not sure which to choose. Company and contact information is shareable among tech and sales teams allowing both parties to upkeep customers' contact details. Capturing leads from social media and system assigning to sales or having the option to manual assign. Sales follow up with sales activities. Once deal, technical involve to follow up regular customer visits, support ticketing, training, remind customers to renew licenses, work on projects and etc. Require a single platform to share a calendar to understand internal team activities and customer activities.

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I'd highly recommend Freshsales, because their pricing is more transparent and honest.

You'd be charged more if you use HubSpot as your number of contacts increase, as their pricing model drastically increase if you have > 100 contacts, and you'd need a Pro subscription. They lure you in with a great discount offer but their cost increases when you try to renew. Their sales rep also promises functions that don't exist yet just to get the sale. It cost us 20k a year for our small company to have a CRM.

Freshsales on the other hand is always transparent about how much they charge. Our cost reduced to only 20$ a month after the switch.

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