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Hello Dear Developers, I am a newbie in Full Stack Development, I have been assigned a full stack application that manages text and user data. I have started learning Node.js and I know some basics of Node JS. The Project is assigned to me by my University Professor. I and my team has developed a good Front End for our Website in React (we are familiar with JS). What Backend we should use?

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Instead of using Node.js, as you are familiar with SPA I'd try to do as much logic as possible in the webapp. By using Firebase DB browser library, you can authenticate users with a variety of OAuth/password methods, store user data, and use DB authentication rules to grant read and/or write permission by various rules. With the right combination of Firebase tech, you can likely avoid any nodejs at all... (Unless it is a class requirement to have some nodejs, then maybe have a serverless cloud function that does some admin action like cleanup old data.)

There are two Firebase DBs: Firestore, and Realtime Database. Start with Firestore because it is the recommended technology.

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I would definitely go with Strapi as a backend for a project like that. It already as great features like user signup/login with various providers and has a proper permission management. I has a very good API that is easy to use and data can be accessed with GraphQL if needed. I found it easy to run locally for development and the deployment process can be really easy as well.

Supabase is also an alternative I have tried once but it had less features than Strapi when I tried it at the time

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