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From a StackShare Community member: “A client is requiring me to use PHP for a custom lead management app for internal use. Should I use a framework like Laravel/Symfony or just stick with the basics?”

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I use Laravel because once a client asked me to use it, I recognized that as a solo programmer, I could go from idea to basic website in under an hour. Add one of the app builder templates and the basic design is done for me as well (I use AdminLTE). Lead management means a simple database and some basic workflow - that is where you should be spending your effort. Laravel is well-enough designed that you can plug in a few basic web pages, a simple set of object models, and some Controllers that hold your business logic - and then you iterate on the pages (the UI) and the business logic until your requirements are met. If you are a stickler or have corporate CSS standards, they can be implemented easily enough. And the community is huge and friendly.

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I use Laravel because it has integrated unit testing that making TDD a breeze. Having a View (Blade engine) making me easier to work without too many efforts in front-end.

I do recommend going into the root of programming once getting stable on any framework. Go beyond Symfony, go beyond PHP, go into the roots to the mother of programming; c++, c, smalltalk, erlang OTP. Understand the fundamental principle of abstraction.

A framework is just a framework, it helps in getting feedback quickly; like practicing dancing in front of a mirror. Getting fundamentals right is the one true key in doing it right. Programming is not hard, but abstract-programming is extremely hard.

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