Decision at Portainer about Docker, Go

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Go was a natural choice for the backend of the Portainer web application. It makes the creation of HTTP API/services a breeze with a lot of standard features available in the ecosystem.

One of the main thing we like with Go is its synergy with Docker and how easy it is to leverage this synergy to easily distribute an efficient software:

  • Go allows to compile a program for multiple platforms and OSes easily (it's just a matter of options when starting the compilation process, no matter the execution context)
  • Go binaries are lightweight, fast and can have a low memory footprint

Combining these points with the empty scratch Docker image and multi-platform images, we can distribute Portainer for any environment that is running Docker. It allows our users to get started using the software in a matter of seconds.

Go is also heavily geared toward the creation of HTTP/API services and is a language that is easy to read and also quite easy to learn, making it a first choice in the context of Portainer.

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