Define and run multi-container applications with Docker
Companies using Docker Compose
How Docker Compose is being used
  • Sherpa

    #<User:0x00007f7d4aa9d0e8> Sherpa

    Crating and linking Docker containers.

  • ShareThis

    #<User:0x00007f7d4ae515e0> ShareThis

    We use docker compose to coordinate containers in out testing and stage environments.

  • TriLED

    Used in development

  • D9uih fq 400x400

    #<User:0x00007f7d49e6e6c8> 4 All Digital ltd

    Configure Docker container network.

  • Lumanu

    #<User:0x00007f7d4933b030> Lumanu

    Docker Compose is one of the pieces that really allows us to get new developers up and running quickly.

  • Curabase

    #<User:0x00007f7d4a05c4a8> Curabase

    The core tech in ACS (Azure Container Services) we spin up a Kubernetes cluster and deploy our app into staging and production environments here.

  • Asterisk.News

    #<User:0x00007f7d49494fd0> Asterisk.News

    We use docker as a part of development environment

  • Taughtful

    Docker Compose gives us an efficient and repeatable process for spinning up clusters of Docker containers. We actually use Docker Cloud.

  • JustChunks

    #<User:0x00007f7d49710ed0> JustChunks

    Aside from our Minecraft-infrastructure, we compose it with ... Docker Compose! (kinda obious, eh .. ?) This includes for example the web-services, aswell as the monitoring and mail-infrastructure.

  • Overview

    #<User:0x00007f7d400263a8> Overview

    Only used to automate the development environment.

  • Our Technologies

    #<User:0x00007f7d400eb4f0> Our Technologies

    to build back-end applications using docker as easily as possible wether it's in development of production