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I've build plenty of websites / web apps using October CMS or Laravel. But now that there are plenty of solutions for headless cms, I decided to go with building my last app using Nuxt.js, GraphCMS, graphql, and Netlify for hosting. Here are my reasons: - GraphCMS is my database and cms all in one, no more mysql and building out a custom cms. - GraphCMS automatically builds out your graphQL api and documentation, no more building api endpoints. - Nuxt.js has a simple app structure with automatic routing. - I don't have to deal with php dependencies and installation errors to any server. - it's all Javascript, one language is easier to deal with. - Netlify's Free Hosting, with auto deployment options directly from github. With October CMS, I had to integrate a deployment pipeline and use extra services to listen for github pushes.

Also a big advantage is to build component first UI, which vue.js forces you to think in a different approach from the beginning. It is how a designer naturally designs components with different states. The concept alone has made me a better designer and developer.

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