Hosting Services

  • We are using NXING to server and cache static files and as a load balancer in front of our Apache webservers.

  • Most known webserver. We are using Apache due to his htaccess feature but its just a backedn to proccess PHP. In font of Apache we are using NGINX to server static files

  • Used to cache most used files for our clients. Connected with CloudFlare Railgun Optimizer.

  • We are using S3 to store backups for our clients. Cheap price and realiable storage for TB of backups.

  • We are using Braintree that is PayPal company for our payments on our website. No more redirects to PayPal :-)

  • Nice 1min monitoring time that will show us if something went down. Best visualisation and fastest downtime detection.

  • Email, Email, Email nothing else to say. We are using Apps to send all of our emails. Thanks to SPF and DKIM support.

  • We are using Skype to help your customers in realtime. Sometimes you need to chat or talk with customer right away and this is best option for us right now.

  • Centralized support system for tickets, emails and webchat. Reliable!

  • DNS Hosting for all of our customers we don't need to worry about our own DNS Servers.

    Railgun Optimizer, CDN Cache and Free SSL of course.

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