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FireHost offers the most comprehensive fully managed cloud infrastructure-as-a-service available today, built specifically for the needs of companies governed by PCI and HIPAA compliance regulations. Some of the largest healthcare, payments and SaaS companies in the world subscribe to FireHost’s secure cloud to ensure their data is safe and always available.

FireHost's Features
  • FireHost’s HealthData Repository is a secure cloud built for HIPAA compliance that provides a safe haven for electronic healthcare records (EHR), electronic protected healthcare information (ePHI), and other sensitive data.
  • Payment Island is a secure, PCI-compliant cloud that isolates critical data from the rest of an IT infrastructure and applies FireHost’s unique multilayered security to prevent devastating data breaches.
  • FireHost’s secure cloud reduces risk by helping you protect data and exceed compliance. It is backed by FireHost’s security specialists and compliance experts. No other cloud provider has a chief security officer, chief information security officer, and a full-fledged security operations team protecting its customers in a secure cloud environment.

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