Simple Microservice Infrastructure for enterprises

  • We use CloudFlare as a DNS provider, as a CDN and for its page rules, e. g. to enforce HTTPS for certain domains.

  • We use hubspot for visitor tracking. Also, when visitors fill in a form on our site, the data usually lands in HubSpot.

  • nginx is frequently used in our web applications as a proxy that also servces a few static files or that adds some HTTP response headers, e. g. for client-side caching.

  • Our core website is written as a Flask web application.

  • We use CouchDB in an internal analysis tool for usage data.

  • etcd is a core component of our microservice platform.

  • We use Elasticsearch to provide the search function over our documentation website.

  • We use Hugo to build our documentation website based on Markdown content.

  • Our core website and many internal utilities are written in Python.

  • Our Ghost blog relies on Node.js

  • Our Ghost blog relies on MySQL.

  • Slack is our internal communication tool of choice. We also use Slack to provide support to customers and integrate some administrative tools.

  • Redis is uses in so many places in our stack that we actually can't count it.

  • Our Web UI, core website, docs and blog are of course all HTML5.

  • Docker is a core component of our microservice platform. User services usually consist of multiple Docker containers linked together. Also all underlying services are running inside Docker containers.

  • Our private Docker registry uses S3 as a storage backend. We also write backups of almost everything to S3.

  • We use Sass to create CSS wherever we can

  • We happily use React for our Web UI

  • Gulp is our build tool of choice for the Giant Swarm web user interface

  • We use Mailgun for a few automated emails we send

  • We use Pingom to monitor the availablility of our own and customer's services

  • Most of the building blocks of our microservice platform are written in Go

  • Disqus is our comment service of choice for our blog

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