Gift anything with partial payments....

  • Our Web App is built in Angular 1.3.

  • We track everything that people do when we run campaigns. We also track events & interactions using Angularitics.

  • Our Data Layer, API and WebApp run on App Engine

  • We like to give users a voice. We do that with UserVoice.

  • We use a wee bit of jQuery in the Web App UI.

  • We don't always talk to customers, but when we do, we do it with Olark.

  • Bower helps us manage our dependencies and be better developers.

  • There's our code, neatly tucked away in a fine repository.

  • We use some HTML5. It's in your browser.

  • We send monkeys to space and back with Mandrill. And transnational emails.

  • Metrics. More. Metrics.

  • We use the Paypal API for transactions in our app.

  • We keep ourselves out of email as often as possible, thanks to Asana. It keeps in the know, helps us manage sprints and hackathons, and helps us be transparent and productive.

  • We would like to make magic with Meteor for the future of GiftStarter.

  • Our API and back end app are built on Python.

  • We use Trello to capture ideas and to build our roadmaps.

  • We use Slack to be awesome super heroes at work.

  • We haven't yet, but we would like to integrate into our Web App.

  • We write all of our styles in SASS and compile them using Grunt.

  • We use Grunt to automate some stuff, mostly related to tasks for the the Web App.

  • We use MailChimp for collecting signups on landing pages, our main app, for drip campaigns, and to send updates to users.

  • We manage packages using NPM.

  • Wordpress is used for our blog and some of our content & landing pages, runs on a subdomain. We also use a custom Python proxy to bring in blog content to the primary domain (/blog).

  • We store our data in this store.

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