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Companies using Grunt
How Grunt is being used
  • RentChek

    #<User:0x0000000017ee6800> RentChek

    Handles running tests, build steps and deploying our front-end application.

  • Aspire

    #<User:0x0000000017e3c030> Aspire

    Build our client-side app: process and minify LESS, AngularJS, HTML partials, etc.

  • InstaGIS

    #<User:0x0000000017d6ee28> InstaGIS

    Automation of minification, compiling handlebars, updating bower.

  • Albany High School

    #<User:0x0000000017cf6810> Albany High School

    We use Grunt to manage Webpack builds and lint with JSHint.

  • Giftstarter

    #<User:0x0000000017c092e0> Giftstarter

    We use Grunt to automate some stuff, mostly related to tasks for the the Web App.

  • GrowSumo

    #<User:0x0000000017b64d30> GrowSumo

    Grunt helps us keep build and minify our code for production.

  • Guoku

    #<User:0x0000000017a8b878> Guoku


  • Synergys

    #<User:0x00000000179f1a98> Synergys

    Automation of internal processes.

  • DroneDeploy

    #<User:0x0000000017977388> DroneDeploy

    Local development task automation.