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Hi, I'm trying to build a project where companies display some of their data (mostly unstructured) that I want to store on a cloud database. And users will be able to read this data and interact with it (not much interaction tho). the primary focus on the database will be for easy access for displaying, and the data won't change a lot over a time period. I was wondering if I should 1) use Django as a framework to build on, and/or 2) use either Firebase or MongoDB Atlas as a database. In this, I am more inclined to Firebase because I will need to authenticate users and have past experience with Firebase.

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If your goal is to display data MongoDB is a good choice in term of storage and cost. The shared instance mostly fit entry level application.

If your unstructured data schema doesn't chance much (fields add/remove) you can even plug-in the GraphQl Api implementation with MongoDB Realm, also MongoDB Realm offer a variety of authentication providers (JWT/JWKS, apiKey, custom scheme). If you go with GraphQL you can skip Django (unless you have custom business logic) and just build a frontend app to display your data (VueJS, React, Svelte, jQuery, vanilla javascript, etc...).

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If your primary focus is just storage of data and read's and not too many frequent writes, in this case you can build your API on serverless platforms ( AWS Lambda ) and store the Data in Dynamo DB's which comes with decent free tier usage. Firebase is preferably a good choice when you need real-time updates to be synced to clients ( Mobile devices or Web) .

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