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Can you tell me which language should I learn for the back-end part of the website with these languages (I'm just a first-year student at college)? I learned HTML&CSS and JavaScript basic for the front-end part, I also made some static website projects using Git and when I have an idea about fake Shopee, I try to make it but I have trouble with handling user data. Thank you first!

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As otherwise noted, you can also run your backend on Javascript, with the NodeJS server. That being said, I do recommend knowing more than one programming language - by having more tools in your toolbox you both make yourself more attractive to employers and by being familiar with more "coding philosophies" you'd be able to create better applications.

Javascript server programming is easy to learn - if you are already well familiar with Javascript; Typescript is a richer language that is based on Javascript and you'd often find it intermingled with Javascript in the same application, and it also runs with the same tools (such as NodeJS); PHP is a relatively simple language with a very large and friendly community, and tons of libraries; Java is also a very simple language with a lot of libraries, but is somewhat bit less accessible than PHP for "just building a web application backend"; Python is very popular these days (competes with Javascript for most popular programming language).

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Nowadays everything is possible with JS. Go deep dive with JS and that will be enough I guess.

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October 6th 2022 at 3:40PM

Keep on with JS and learn Node. - Node is easy to start with and powerful. It can help you learn the basics of working with servers, authentication, authorization, middleware, etc.

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