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If you need to build a quick demo, or an internal tool, or even a landing page for your side hussle: NextJS is an awesome way to run a very lightweight CRM-like site of one or more pages, AND it also can provide flexible API endpoints for anyone familiar with modern JS, node, and/or express. I haven't used the Vercel deployment as-a-service very much, but that's there for hosting if you don't have a VPS/other Cloud at hand. Just add scripts under /pages or /pages/api and the magic happens--also, it's VERY easy to Dockerize. Read their excellent docs site, esp. re: next.config.js, which is SO much better than configuring Webpack (or whatever) yourself--even easier than react-scripts in my opinion. As an aside: TypeScript is supported but completely optional, and it's so painless to get started with one of Vercel's examples from their public repo. If you prefer Vue over React, check out NuxtJS (same idea)

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Principal Software Engineer at Socotra