Our internal stack by HyVive

  • Our self hosted gitlab service provides us with a private and secure environment for developing and testing our internal software. All of our dockerfiles, source code and configuration files for our infrastructure are stored here.

  • We are using Atom on many of our workstations to be able to have a configurable editor available. It's also provisioned to our Remote Desktops to be able to work with the same tools available as on the Workstations.

  • We are using Docker for a wide range of services. We are using Docker for our business applications on our Linux Servers. Our internal Web Services, our Databases, and our GitLab containers are running on docker.

  • Our Web Applications are served on our Desktops by Electron. This allows us to have native apps running on our Workstations without having too many Browser Tabs open at the same time.

  • Grafana is used in combination with Prometheus to display the gathered stats and to monitor our physical servers aswell as their virtual applications.

  • We primarily use Prometheus to gather metrics and statistics to display them in Grafana.

  • MailChimp is used to provision our newsletters to our customers. To outsource the Email traffic its a good choice for the quality and services they provide.

  • We use Google Analytics to analyze our traffic and optimize our content for our users. We use it to sew perfectly fitting solutions according to use patterns of our Customers.

  • Bootstrap is the framework of many of our internal Services or our Designs. Most of the designs are custom made and Bootstrap is only our core-framework instead of serving most of the design parts.

  • Our public Servers are hosted by Hetzner Online AG. The quality and the redundancy is good and suitable for our use.

  • All of our other Services are hosted at OVH like Domains, V-Server and more...

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