We help our customers sell more.

  • Our "legacy" application platform is firmly rooted in PHP.

  • We use Rancher for container orchestration and automated deployment pipelines.

  • Our new product at IndideSales.com is built in Docker, from development through production. Everything is "Dockerized"!

  • The large majority of the microservices and workers in our latest product's architecture are written in Go.

  • We use Couchbase heavily in our PowerStandings platform to enable real-time analytics of agent data, as well as data storage for parts of our new Playbooks product.

  • The built-in Gamification that comes with our Playbooks application uses NSQ for work queues and microservice communication.

  • We use RabbitMQ quite heavily across both legacy and current products for everything from work queues to communications products and messaging.

  • We use Python for Websocket servers as well as other utilities throughout the company.

  • All the logs are belong to us.

  • We have some backend microservices written in Node.js throughout the company.

  • Our legacy front-ends are built using AngularJS for some products.

  • All of our new product front-end code is being developed with React.

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