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  • The best known DOM manipulation library we know of. Still not a silver buller.

    Also, its Deferred object is very useful.

  • The backend server in our API, we believe this is the future.

  • All our front code and an increasing share on our backend. We love JS.

  • Big datasets not likely to need joins with another dataset go in Mongo to offload Postgresql

  • Relational database for our business

  • Mostly used to provide a basis for needed plugins.

  • Graphics and data visualization. Scaling and sampling of big data groups.

  • Truth is we use lodash

  • We track site visitors with GA

  • We manage our DNSs, precach√© our static files and block out malicious traffic

  • We provide realtime support and customer announcements.

  • Subprojects, or projects for specific customers, have their own trello board

  • Communication with international customers

  • Review our code quality

  • Command line deploys

  • Automation of minification, compiling handlebars, updating bower.

  • Manage dependencies such as grunt and all its plugins. Also, in the API server, manages Loopbacks dependencies and ours.

  • Ouy version control of choice

  • Out main repos are in Github

  • Our front templates are handlebars made, compiled before build

  • websocket for realtime communication and map sync

  • Our front entities are all Backbone material

  • Store backups and attachments.

  • It provides our cluster in a VPC

  • Our app backend

  • It provides basic structure to all our html elements.

  • Our webserver of choice. Fast, accurate, powerful, rock solid.

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