Decision about Trello, GitHub, AWS CodeBuild

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I'm building a cloud hosted web UI and API so I'm using a lot of @AWS services like AWS CodeBuild for building, hosting and deploying components. I still use GitHub for source control and Trello for tracking the work but we're not big enough yet for these to be issues. I find having all the functional stuff in one place simplifies access, organisation and budgeting.

If your product is going to run in the cloud then I recommend making use of the features available from your chosen provider. All the big providers have pipelines that span everything from source control though to deployment and this can reduce a lot of the friction you can experience putting it all together with different providers.

If you're not targeting a cloud platform then I think you'll have to do your homework as there are just too many variables. Basing your evaluation on a key principle like minimising friction or reducing costs is going to help.

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