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  • Clojure

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    Clojure is our main language for building out both the web service that powers the user interface of Lumanu and the web crawling that provides all of our data.

  • Python

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    Some of our machine learning algorithms are developed and implemented using Python. These algorithms help us recommend content and surface insights about content.

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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    Elastic Beanstalk manages our environments. We rely on it to manage rolling out new versions of services.

  • PostgreSQL

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    PostgresSQL is our datastore of record. It is a flexible, poweful, relation datastore that fulfills so many needs.

  • Elasticsearch

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    ElasticSearch powers our free text search.

  • Docker Compose

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    Docker Compose is one of the pieces that really allows us to get new developers up and running quickly.

  • Slack

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    As a remote company we rely on Slack for most of our communication. Ease of sharing links, creating private conversations, and developing bots makes it a solid communication tool.

  • Amazon CloudFront

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    Our interface is beautiful and serves up a lot of static content. CloudFront helps us deliver the content quickly.

  • Amazon EC2

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    We use this both indirectly through Elastic Beanstalk and directly for running some servers continuously. AWS is a solid provider of cloud services.

  • Reagent

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    Reagent is a ClojureScript wrapper around React.js. It hides some of React.js under a Hiccup (another Clojure DSL for describing markup).

  • ClojureScript

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    ClojureScript powers our user interface. Using the same language on the backend (Clojure) and the frontend has been a big win for us.