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I am trying to determine if I can replace Alert Logic with CrowdStrike. If I pull out AlertLogic and implement Crowdstrike, what will my gaps be?

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We use both; Crowdstrike as our MDR/Endpoint tool and Alertlogic primarily for SIEM. Crowdstrike doesn't currently collect system logs, so if you use Alertlogic for log collection (syslog, Windows event logs, etc) and/or SIEM, then that's a huge piece you'll be missing.

I would say that Crowdstrike is hands down the best security product I've purchased in the past few years. Everything from its dashboard, remote management, scripting, integrations to its support are first class and it's well worth its price tag.

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Juliet DeVries
Juliet DeVries
August 24th 2021 at 1:00PM

That's what I thought... before I started this position, someone at Crowdstrike had convinced our Ops person that they could pull out Alert Logic and replace it with Crowdstrike. I'm trying to reverse the damage...

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