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Rails is great because "all the decisions are made for you", right? But I wouldn't be writing this decision if this were truly the case. ;-)

rails new and boilerplate generators are nice, but you still have to spend some time adding your favorite gems, tools, formatting files to your standards, removing unused functionality, and configuring deploys. Only after all of this can you truly begin to code.

That鈥檚 why I made a shell script (yeah, Rails generators are overkill) that creates a new app from a boilerplate app I preconfigured. Everyone has different tastes and levels of seniority, so I am not sharing this app to the public. Just know that it has different Git branches that my shell script can choose: master (default config), devise, forms, worker, etc. It comes bundled with the tools listed in my personal stack.

All I have to do is run the script, follow the README, and 2 minutes later my app is running a hello world page on Heroku! I cannot stress how powerful it is to have a professional-grade application ready and deployed in 2 minutes. It feels like I鈥檓 cheating the system. These superpowers have proved invaluable for personal projects, hackathons and professional projects alike.

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Josh Frye
Josh Frye
December 9th 2018 at 10:31pm

Nice shell script! I'll have to give it a shot when the backing boilerplate app is public

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Jerome Dalbert

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