At FundsCorner, when we set out to pick up the front-end tech stack (around Dec 2017), we drove our decision based on the following considerations:

(1) We were clear that we will NOT have a hybrid app. We will start with Responsive Web & once there is traction, we will rollout our Android App. However, we wanted to ensure that the users have a consistent experience on both the Web & the App. So, the front-end framework must also have a material design component library which we can choose from.

(2) Before joining FundsCorner as a CTO, I had already worked with Angular. I enjoyed working with Angular, but I felt that I must choose something that will provide us with the fastest time from Concept to Reality.

(3) I am strong proponent of segregating HTML & JavaScript. I.e. I was not for writing or generating HTML through JavaScript. Because, this will mean that the Front-end developers I have to hire will always be very strong on JavaScript alongside HTML5 & CSS. I was looking for a Framework that was on JavaScript but not HEAVY on JavaScript.

(3) The first iteration of the web app was to be done by myself. But I was clear that when someone takes up the mantle, they will be able to come up the curve fast.

In the end, Vue.js and Vuetify satisfied all the above criteria with aplomb! When I did our first POC on Vue.js I could not believe that front-end development could be this fast. The documentation was par excellence and all the required essentials that come along with the Framework (viz. Routing, Store, Validations) etc. were available from the same community! It was also a breeze to integrate with other JavaScript libraries (such as Amazon Cognito).

By picking Vuetify, we were able to provide a consistent UI experience between our Web App and Native App, besides making the UI development ultra blazing fast!

In the end, we were able to rollout our Web App in record 6 weeks (that included the end to end Loan Origination flow, Loans management system & Customer engagement module).

Advanced features of Vue using Vuetify in 10 minutes (
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Normando Zubia
Normando Zubia
March 7th 2019 at 5:28pm

Hi Jeyabalaji!!

Thank you for sharing us your decision.

I'm experimenting with Vuejs and it seems very good approach. Do you recommend some material to begin with this framework? Im interesting in the essential tools to have a good production app. Also, What technology did you use to the back end? and What hosting did you use for your platform?


Jeyabalaji Subramanian
Jeyabalaji Subramanian
March 10th 2019 at 1:40am

Hi Normando,

Happy to help! You can look up the official documentation page for Vue (, which is the most comprehensive material of Vue. I referred to all the sections and tinkered around to get a grip before I proceeded. The documentation is excellent!

Since you will be building a SPA (Single Page App), the backend really does not matter. We us Python extensively, but nodejs would work well too. There is no difference since the server here just passes around json.

You can host either on S3 bucket or use netlify, depending on your needs.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!